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Tuesday Is Bacon Night

Our goals: to provide a comfortable, friendly atmosphere with great beers, stiff drinks, quality food made on-premise in portions that represent value, and to offer service that will leave you wanting nothing more but your server’s phone number and a recording of Ravel’s Bolero!

We’re always striving to improve, so if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Ask to speak to the manager on duty, or shoot us an e-mail. And, if you’re heel-clicking happy with your vittles, why not…

Buy The Kitchen A Round!

Didja like your supper?  Wanna show those who made it some appreciation? Buy the guys (and gals) in the back a round of beers for $9.99 and they’ll be your friends forever!


What’s Happening

  • Milkshakes at Harris Grill
    Parade Day Milkshakes
  • Harris Grill Got Buns, Hon
    Harris Grill Got Buns, Hon
  • Plant Night at Harris Grill
    Plant Night at Harris Grill in Mount Washington
  • Harris Grill Shakes It Up
    Get all Shook Up at Harris Grill
  • White Monkey at Harris Grill
    Barrel of Monkey's
  • What has the Harris Grill team been up to?
  • Spring Seasonal Cocktails
  • Bacon Night with Green Flash Brewing Company
  • Bacon night with Full Pint Brewing Company
    Bacon Night with Full Pint Brewing Company

Weekly Specials and Happenings


Happy Hour

Monday through Friday

4:30 PM –  6 PM

Harris Grill Wine Shadyside

Winey Wednesday

Wine By the Glass

$6 Until Midnight


Service Industry Night

Dollar off drafts and well drinks, plus bogo appetizers

Every Sunday

6 PM – midnight