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Burgers & Sandwhiches

WARNING: Some Wings May Contain Bones.

On the bone as God intended, or bone-free through the miracle of technology. Not so into the poultry? Now there’s Veg-Friendly version in Cauliflower or Pierogies. All are spicy – particularly the Nummers -- but you just have to ask if you want them hotter than hell and we’ll make ‘em burn. No splittin’ the flavors, no spittin’ on the floor, and don’t clean yourself up ’til you’re finished.

Pick a Wing

Your Usual Yardbird Wings

Boneless (but how do they even stand?)

Carb-Friendly Cauliflower Wings. Yes they fly.

Potato & Cheese Pierogies. They fly, too.

Left Wings. Trump hates ‘em.

Pick a Sauce

Rick & Morty Szechuan Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

Chimichurri Flurry

Colombian Gum Nummers

Just Damn Hot Buffalo

Garlicy Herby Parmesan

*Jamaican Jerk

Pick a Dip

Ranch, Bleu Cheese, or Ranch


Delmonico A Go Go*

This is the steak sandwich that just might heal a thousand vegetarians. It’s so much more than its diluted ancestor from Philly who’s now served at gas stations. We expertly grill a USDA Choice Delmonico steak, slice it, and place atop a sturdy ciabatta roll with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese. Worthy of employing knife and fork.


I Can Has Bacon Cheezburgher*

Rich, smokehouse bacon and sharp, bitey cheddar atop a manhole cover of grilled beef that’s more than able to satisfy even the most demanding carnivore. “Simple, bloody perfection,” say the critics. We think you’ll agree.


The Garden Weasel

Grilled zucchini and a portobello cap paired with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, onion, fresh mozzarella cheese, and basil pesto mayonnaise. Served on a grilled ciabatta roll, or on a righteous gluten-free roll for a buck. Fits nicely in the cup holder of your Prius.


Henny Penny

Spicy, blackened chicken breast grilled with melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a smoky, spicy, perky, and piquant chipotle mayonnaise on a local ciabattini roll.


Crabcake Sandwich

Our famous Crabcake McArdle placed handily on a Dutch crunch bun for ease of handling, with a little tartar sauce sauce and your choice of sides.


Buffalo Braised Pulled Pork

Since swimsuit season is over, let’s live a little. We slowly braise pork shoulder in Buffaloey-style of vinegary heat but not too hot heat, then adorn it with a little shaved celery and a ranch drizzle. Try it on a pretzel roll or maybe on a super gluten-free bun for a buck!


The Half-Baked Italian

Come Here. Listen. We’re gonna make you a sandwhich you can’t refuse. It’s smoked salami, capicollo, and peperoni baked on a crunchily-topped ciabatta roll spread with a little Tuscan aioli, topped with a nattily dressed red onion and greens


Salmon BLT

The most recognizable acronym preceding YOLO, the BLT is a fine sandwich, and we’ve made that even better with grilled salmon* on a crunchy roll with a little avocado sauce.


The Baconhater

We get it: we’re a little porcinocentric. Maybe even a little porcine-eccentric if you ask some people. But we’re certainly not one dimensional by any means. Here, for the vegetable lover: an all-veg patty developed right here with enough fiber to fill a duvet cover.