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Chicken Quesadilla

Más grande que el procuedio, el pollo se asa parrilla y se sirve con todos los compleuertos, Gringo. Google translation: “We are in school, the room is large and bright.”


Braised Beef Shortrib Quesadilla

Braised until it’s falling off the bone, then braised some more. We tuck it into a tortilla and griddle it to make handling a little easier. Big and beefy. With pickled red onion and chimichurri sauce as a bright counterpoint.



Spring is eatin’ season SWPA! Lenten fish fries and all-you-can-eat pancake breakfasts have every local church kitchen buzzing with activity. If you’re not down with the gluten (or the church – it’s ok, we don’t judge), you can still enjoy the sweet, sticky decadence of a short stack with this drink that offers notes of brown sugar, molasses, canilla and cinnamon: Jim Beam Double Oak, Fee Bros. Black Walnut Bitters, and ginger peppercorn syrup for an added kick.


Prefer a little smoke with your oak? This rich, earthy blend of Jim Beam Apple, Laphroaig, and Natrona ginger beer hits the spot nicely.

Blueberry Basil Lemonade

Whew, it sure is hot outside! Unless it’s snowing. This is Pittsburgh, after all. But let’s just pretend it’s a warm, sunny day, and you’re hankering for a thrist-quencher, like this blend of Effen vodka, muddled blueberries and basil, and fresh squeezed lemon sour.

Blackberry Basil Gin Fizz

A tart, refreshing combination of Hendrick’s gin, fresh blackberries, basil and lime. We left out the traditional egg white, so drink up, yinz vegans!

Blood Orange Mule

A fresh, invigorating blend of Effen Blood Orange vodka and ginger beer, served in a traditional copper mug.