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Dress a nutritious salad with your choice of Homemade Fig Vinaigrette, Fromage Bleu, or Avocado Vinaigrette.

Sure, you can get Ranch on a tuna salad, but that’s just so completely wrong and we’ll make fun of you.

Roasted Vegetable Salad

This is a salad with roasted vegetables. Roasting is one of the best ways to treat veggies. Just ask any veggie and they’ll tell you! Warm roasty beets, carrots, broccoli, peppers, onions, and Brussels sprouts over spring greens with fig vinaigrette.


Hail, Caesar!

Caesar dressed his appropriately in the kitchen as do we; Caligula just tossed salad. And since this is Pixburgh, grilled marinated chicken breast ‘cause most salads really need meated up.


Quickie Salad Chop Chop

Iceberg lettuce and baby mesclun greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, bacon, and many, many more veggies all chopped up together with grilled chicken and a balsamic vinaigrette so all you have to do is shovel it in.


Salad de la Burgh

A Pittsburgh staple with fries, shredded cheese, and grilled, marinated chicken tenders. You might almost forget you’re eating a healthy salad! Upgrade to a USDA Choice Steak salad for just a little more!


Salmon Cobb

All the standard accoutrements of the famous Cobb, but with grilled wild salmon and avocado vinaigrette. This has nothing to do with Ty Cobb, in case you were wondering. Nor a corn cobb. And probably not any other kinda cobb you might come up with.


Skillet Brownie

Much like our Cookie’s n Cream dessert, here’s a freshly-baked brownie in the same dangerous cast iron skillet that was a favored weapon ofthe likes of Tom and Jerry through Ren and Stimpy. Topped with swizzle of caramel sauce and choice of Millie’s delicious local ice cream!


Bowl o’ Cold

Just feeling a little peckish? There’s always room for ice cream. Let us scoop up a nice little bowl of yummy local Millie’s ice cream. There’s vanilla, chocolate, and a Special Featured Flavor, too!


Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte

We’ve partnered with Prantl’s to bring you Pittsburgh’s best confection: the Burnt Almond Torte. The bakery has been in Shadyside for over 100 years. Probably big enough for two, but we won’t speak poorly of you if you eat one all by your little old self ; ).


Cookies -N- Cream

A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie of prodigious diameter served hot out of our Easy-Bake oven (powered by a 40-watt light bulb) in a lethal cast iron skillet with your choice of Millie’s ice cream. Give us a few minutes to make this: mom’s baking these to order, and you know how she gets when she’s rushed!