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Labor-Inducing Vegetarian Chili

Served with a dollop of cooling sour cream, this rich chili is not recommended for consumption late in the third trimester.


Du Jour of The Day Soup

Straight from the Department of Redundancy Department come rib-sticking chill chasers to chase the chills.


Spinach Dip

Remember walking with your partner to the primary school lunchroom then going single file through the cafeteria line and the smell of the grilled cheese and the nice older ladies in the hair nets filling melamine bowls on the trays with the little round indentation to keep the bowl from slipping that would be steaming with the hot creamy tomato soup that by all means you should hate because it has tomatoes in it and you’re spoda to still hate tomatoes and you secretly love but won’t admit? This is like that, only better.


Little Ditty ’bout Salmon Diane

For a limited time only, celebrate the sultry swimsuit season with grilled, wild salmon over zucchini noodles and roasted veggies, and drizzled with an avocado gastrique. Cheers!


Crab Cakes McArdle

People risk their lives by chain smoking on a boat to bring us this crab from the Bering Sea. Jumbo lumpers with salad and vegetable, our special sauce Remoulade.


The Best o’ the Pesto

Zucchini “noodles” tossed with veggies, fresh mozzarella, and a bright basily pestosauce that simply screams “I do hot yoga!”!


Chicken Quesadilla

Más grande que el procuedio, el pollo se asa parrilla y se sirve con todos los compleuertos, Gringo. Google translation: “We are in school, the room is large and bright.”


Fish Tacos!

Freshly folded and ready for lovin’ come two soft tortillas filled with fish either grilled or fried (your choice – one or ‘tuther, not both now) with some chipotle kale slaw, some quinoa salad, and roasted veggies. Gluten-free tortillas available for just a buck.


Braised Beef Shortrib Quesadilla

Braised until it’s falling off the bone, then braised some more. We tuck it into a tortilla and griddle it to make handling a little easier. Big and beefy, with pickled red onion and chimichurri sauce as a bright counterpoint.


Jamaican Tacos Tonight?

Yes. Yes we are. Three really spicy pulled jerk chicken tacos, Jamaican-style with some calming cilantro cream and pineapple-black bean salsa to bring the temperature down to a manageable level. With a little quinoa and some veggies on the side, mon!


Oringinal HG Macaroni & Cheese

Done right with a cheddary sauce Mornay, it’s not from a box, and it’s big. Really big. 14,453 calories, but no fat, carbs, or protein! More adventurous? Read on, dear gourmand:


Macaronis Et Fromage De Langoustine

It just didn’t seem quite right to name this decadent gastroconcoction in English, so we pulled out our high school French. Here our already world-famous Macaroni and Cheese is prepared with Atlantic lobster and lump crab meat.


Mom’s Hamburger Helper

How’s a half pound of Angus ground round that’s browned sound? It’s sure to astound.


Imagine the Rastabilities

One life, one lunch, let’s get together and feel all right. Have your own ganja-free reasoning right here at the table with spicy Jamaican jerk pulled chicken. Jah will provide.


Steak M & C

Grilled, marinated flatiron steak on our macaroni and cheese. Recommended medium rare so it remains juicy.